Advance your Career through National PELRA's CLRP® Certification

Advance your Career through National PELRA's CLRP® Certification!

How Will It Help?

  • Laptop Showing National PELRA WebsiteIncreases your value to your employer
  • Raises your professional standards
  • Demonstrates commitment to the public sector labor relations/human resources profession and
  • Identifies you as the public sector labor relations/human resources professional most capable of meeting emerging challenges!

It Is Designed for Anyone Who Wants...

  • To include this impressive certification on a resume
  • To understand the basics of labor/management relations
  • To be prepared to negotiate a comprehensive labor agreement
  • To understand the arbitration process
  • To refresh and update his or her skills
  • A broader knowledge of labor relations

National PELRA Labor Relations Academy Recertification Program

National PELRA's Recertification Program for Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®) is an ongoing certification process to encourage participants to seek professional growth and development. As a national organization designed for public sector labor relations and human resources professionals, we support continual learning throughout our careers.

As a professional organization, ongoing professional development improves our organization and the skills of its members. To promote continued learning, a recertification program has been implemented. Through professional development, leadership, research and day-to-day work, participants earn credits to maintain their certification. A variety of areas of continuing education and leadership opportunities have been identified through which certification may be maintained.

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