Academy II: The Grievance Arbitration Process

Academy II: The Grievance Arbitration Process

Academy II teaches participants about the role of arbitration in union-management relations from the perspective of the practitioner, the arbitrator, and the advocate. This workshop addresses responding to a grievance, rules of contract administration and how and when to raise the question of arbitrability. Participants will draft a response to a grievance and learn how to improve their skills in preparing and presenting a winning case. Interactive exercises throughout the day in choosing an arbitrator and selecting witnesses are designed to build expertise. The last exercise of the Academy, based of videos and facts of the case, you get to be the arbitrator and determine the ruling.

National PELRA Labor Relations Academy Certification Program (CLRP®)

The National PELRA Labor Relations Academy Certification Program (CLRP(R)), is an innovative certification program designed specifically for public sector labor relations and human resources professionals who are new to the field as well as for the experienced practitioner seeking additional training. In order to attain the prestigious CLRP(R) designation, you must complete the three Core Academies (Academy I, Academy II and Academy III, in any order) and take the multiple-choice exam or write a paper.

This unique four-step program leads to the Professional Certification as a Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP®)

Steps 1 Through 3

Complete Academies I, II, and III - May be completed in any order. Participants must complete each entire Academy.

Step 4

Submit a Labor Relations Professional Paper - Paper to be approved by National PELRA Labor Relations Academy Committee prior to awarding certification.


Receive a Passing score on the CLRP® Exam

Obtaining CLRP Certification

One final step in the process!

If you select to write a paper, participants must complete a paper on a topic pre-approved by the Labor Relations Academy Committee. The paper should incorporate information the participant learned from Academies I, II and III, however, the main subject may be academic in nature, or based on work experience in which the participant learned something significant about the process.


If you select to take the exam, participants must register and take the exam at a designated location. Upon passing, participants will receive their CLRP certification.

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