Elective Academies

Elective Academy: The Investigations Process

Human resources and labor relations professionals are often called upon to conduct workplace investigations in the face of serious and sensitive allegations, from claims of sexual harassment/other discrimination to allegations of workplace misconduct to major ethical questions. Yet few of us have had real training on how to conduct an investigation. 

This program will explore the investigatory process - from who should conduct the investigation, legal issues to beware of, how to order and structure investigatory interviews, dealing with Garrity issues, and how to generate an end-product that will help your employer resolve what happened and what needs to be done. The program will focus on identifying the key elements of an effective workplace investigation process, and help attendees understand the importance of the process and the consequences if it is not done properly.

Participants will:

  • Learn the purpose and importance of a complete and thorough investigation
  • Review the key elements of an effective workplace investigation
  • Learn the investigatory interview process - who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Learn how and what to document
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of supervisor, employee, and union
  • Discuss how to determine credibility and analyze investigation result
  • Learn the common mistakes and what causes investigations to fail
  • Learn the multiple types of investigations

Elective Academy: Interest Arbitration

Clarifies the interest arbitration process to resolve the terms of the labor contract when the parties cannot agree on the resolution of issues during negotiations. This arbitration process is in contrast to grievance or rights arbitration based on the terms of an established labor contract. 

Participants will learn the history of interest arbitration and the common procedural elements of a binding interest arbitration law. They will learn to prepare for contract negotiations knowing the negotiations may result in interest arbitration. 

The presentations will discuss required background material, including development of comparison groups and examples of documents to include in the arbitration hearing. Participants will also learn how to prepare effective exhibits (illustrate an "ability to pay" argument, cost of living information, and wage comparisons).

Elective Academy: Costing a Labor Contract

Focuses on the concepts and techniques for determining the value and cost of employer and union proposals, and the terms of the contract settlement. 

This Academy will cover techniques and approaches to costing, as well as provide you with the tools to be better prepared at the bargaining table to successfully argue and negotiate your positions. Through the use of interactive discussion and exercises, participants will explore alternative methodologies and identify key financial components, including hidden and often overlooked elements of a labor agreement, in order to accurately determine the actual total cost to your jurisdiction. 

Topics include common costing definitions, types of data, 1% of pay, demographics, total package costing, and resources available. Costing exercises on wages, including progression and steps, vacation and holidays, health insurance, productive and non-productive hours and tentative agreements. 

This academy is must for Labor Relations practitioners, HR staff, financial team and other support staff involved in costing out proposals and collective bargaining agreements.