2024 Savannah Academy Bookend

Take advantage of quality in-person instruction before and after the National PELRA 2024 ATC in Savannah with:

  • Investigations Academy

  • Costing Academy

Pre-Conference Academy: Investigations Academy
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Post-Conference Academy: Costing Academy
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Member Incentive: Receive a 5% profile credit after attending academy.

For each paid registration, member will receive a 5% credit on their account that can be used to offset future purchases, including membership renewal. Credit shall be applied to the profile after attendance by the registrant at the academy. Incentive is only valid for pre and post-conference academies at 2024 Savannah ATC. Registration for both Bookend Academies at the 2024 Savannah ATC is eligible for two (2) incentives.

Bookend Academies Savannah ATC